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ps3 not working help PLESE PLEASE!!?


ok so i had ylod but i fixed it myself. i played today but then after 20 min it made some noise. i ignored so 1 min later it made the same noise. then it otamactly shut down. i turned it on again. same thing happened. then i turned it on again and same thing happened but when it shut down it got its ylod back. i fixed it again myself and then the ylod got fixed. but heres the problem. i cant put the disk into the disk drive. it wont accept it. and when i press the eject button no noise happened. like once in a very long while when i turn it on only the green light come out, and it works like that. but most of the time it comes out with a blue light and it will not work at all. not even the sound. plz help

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  1. well that sucks sorry bro. go buy a new one or see if you got warranty and if you don’t take it a part or your * i just tried to open my 360 and i didn’t open and they wouldn’t fix it oh well the warranty actually expired but they believed me when i said i still had it

  2. you can’t fix YLOD. If it still doesn’t work properly, then you didn’t fix it. BTW, it’s spelled “AUTOMATICALLY”.

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