Home Playstation Forum Should I buy a ps3 or ps vita in 2016?//Please help?

Should I buy a ps3 or ps vita in 2016?//
Please help?


i want to buy a ps?/

Which one should I buy?

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  1. A ps3.I used the PS vita before (A) it has no games (B) its bad (C) what the * you gonna do with that *.the only thing you can do with the PS vita is watch *

  2. I would buy the playstation 3 because it has so many good games that it makes the vita look lame. Dont get me wrong, the vita has some good games but nothing good enough to compete with the playstation 3

  3. PS Vita. Why? Because most of these people do not know that with the vita you have the option of playing the games on full screen by connecting the game through your ps3. Also, vita is much newer which results in more upcoming games which the ps3 won’t have. The Ps vita is also portable so you van take it with you and play on the go.

  4. Why wait? Buy one now, and buy the other when you get the money.

    I guess I’d buy the PS3 first because PSN for the PS3 is tentatively scheduled to end at the end of 2017.

  5. Choose Playstation 3.

    Video games that are played on Television are way awesome. and Ps3 also have many good games to choose from.

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