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Which game should I get?


My first option is Bioshock. It looks like a fun game, and reviews on it are good. I only would cost 10 dollars too.

Second option is portal 2. It looks great too but costs 60 bucks or so.

I only have 70 dollars so I don’t know,

If you have a better game in mind that’s on the Xbox 360, just give me reasons why I should get it

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  1. how about fable 3 its been out and i just got it a few days ago its pretty fun it only costed me 40 bucks or how bout call of duty black ops i forget how much it is but if you have xbox live zombie version is AWESOME lol

  2. I would recommend Red Dead Redemption (unless you already have it) It’s been out for a while now so is cheaper but it is an immense game, the graphics are excellent, the single player is amazing and the online play is even better, their is so much to do you won’t get bored. It’s by rockstar so if you loved the Grand Theft Auto games you’l love this one! Look it up, look up video’s on youtube if you are unsure 🙂

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