1. Yes you can! *Yay*.

    Lol i had the same problem about a year ago. This will ALSO deactivate your account, but as soon as you sign back in it will reactivate!

    First on your computer goto [url is not allowed]

    Then goto “Manage account” on the right.

    Sign in with your PSN details. When it has logged in goto the “Account” tab on the top, then goto the “Media and Devices” tab on the left.

    It should come up with a “Game” box, with it saying “2 PlayStation┬« Systems”. Press it and then press the “Deactivate all” button.

    There you have it! you have deactivated all accounts, all you need to do now is sign in to PSN on your PS3 and maybe change your PSN password so your friend cant reactivate the account again!

    Hope this helps! ­čśŤ

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