Home Playstation Forum How do you burn/copy playstation 2 games?

How do you burn/copy playstation 2 games?


I need to know how to do this I’m not making money off of it it’s for my sister. Please help!
The game i have is really rare and I cant find it anywhere for her

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  1. I find lighter fluid and a match works well for burning stuff.

    Seriously – buy your sister the games. They aren’t that expensive. You can buy used games from Game Stop or eBay, or rent them from Netflix.

  2. Burn them the same as any other but you will need a chip but in the PlayStation to make them work. They sell the chip on line.

    And for those of you wondering I haven’t done it myself, I buy my games.

  3. You burn them just like you’d burn anything else, but they won’t play unless the Playstation is modded.


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