Home Xbox Forum I need help with this Xbox 360 har drive question?

I need help with this Xbox 360 har drive question?


I brought my hard drive to my friends house and were playin zombies. I have the map packs on my hard drive(all of them) and yes we’ve tried to reset everything. And everytime it doesn’t work. I’m signed onto my account with my hard drive in but it doesn’t have the map packs on there. BUT we don’t have live so is that the problem. I didnt think it mattered if u had live or not just as long as the hard drive is in. Please help?

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  1. You dont have live (Maybe that why) or you forgot somehow to put the DLC map into the hard drive’

    or you bought the wrong hard drive

  2. If your not using the right profile, it won’t work. Its a security measure from Microsoft so they can make money and not get easily ripped off

  3. It’s because you’re not connected to Live. DLC have licenses which show that your account and the 360 it was on when you bought the maps owns them. When you use the account on another 360 even with your hard drive, you have to be signed into Live to verify those licenses.

    You can either sign into Live on your friend’s 360 or take your whole console over.

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