Home Playstation Forum I would like to have some pointers for the PS3?

I would like to have some pointers for the PS3?


Can you guys give me some great games fine tuning etc for the PS3 because I will be getting one. I’d like to know whether its like the PSP where you can store games in memory cards/sticks and any great games plus pointers and heads up

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  1. to me my fav games are. black ops and red dead redemption. you can store all your game info on the ps3 but not sure if u can transfer it to another a heads up is when your playing online there is more of a chance of coming across an annoying little kid

  2. There’s really no way to “fine tune” the PS3 as it’s pretty much already done at the factory. The only thing you may need to do is change your video and audio settings depending on the connections you use. As for memory cards / sticks, only certain older Fat models have that option. However, you can use external USB drives (hard drives or flash drives — aka thumb drives or flash sticks) formatted as FAT32 to back up your data and even transfer files between the PS3 and PC.

    One thing, however: Keep the PS3 well ventilated, in a cool, dry place and as dust free as possible and don’t abuse it (obviously). This will help it last a long time.

    As for games, there are numerous games and each person will have his / her own opinion. I like Dead Space, FEAR, Heavenly Sword, God of War, Tomb Raider, X-Blades, Wolfenstein, Folklore.just to name a few.

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