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ps3 250gb, may not be backward compatible, is there anyway that i could change this?



  1. No, because of the answer above about the emotion chip and because not enough people were buying expensive POS3 games, opting out instead for cheaper POS2 games.

  2. [url is not allowed].

    search is your friend. learn to use it!

    the download that others are referring to is for the PS3s that already are backwards compatible. downloading it to a non-backwards compatible PS3 will do NOTHING but take up space on your hard drive! it will NOT make your PS3 play PS2 games!

    “If a PLAYSTATION 3 is not backward compatible, you will not be able to add this function through any hardware (i.e., changing the hard disk drive) or software (i.e., updates, homebrew) upgrades or modifications. ”

    that came DIRECTLY from Sony’s own website: [url is not allowed].

  3. no only the following PS3’s can play ps2 games.

    20gb (no online)


    80gb Motorstorm

    80gb MGS4

    all PS3’s can still play PS1 games.

  4. No,

    The PS2 graphics chip actually performs some functions faster than the PS3’s RSX so backwards compatibility requires at least the ‘graphics synthesizer’ to be included in the PS3 hardware.

    Unfortunately this chip hasn’t been included in PS3 hardware for over a year (US) and two years (Europe).

    Early NTSC Versions included the PS2 CPU as well, before being replaced with software emulation.

  5. No there’s no way that you can get a 250GB PS3 to become BC!

    The only PS3 models that were BC were the 2006 20GB and 60GB launch models and later in 2007 there was a 80GB model that came in 2 bundles with the first being “Motorstorm” and then “Metal Gear Solid 4”! After 2007, Sony stopped producing BC PS3 models!

    The 2006 BC PS3 models actually had the PS2’s “Emotion Engine CPU” and “Graphics Synthesizer chip set installed on board!

    The 2007 80GB BC PS3 used a software program called an “Emulator” to mimic the PS2 chips!

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