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ps3 doesnt work. it turns on n sounds like the hd working but wont work?


tried someone else cables also still didnt work.what could be wrong w it? and can it be fixed without sending to sony?

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  1. Are you using a HDMI connection? Many TVs require a separate input “channel” to switch into the display mode. try changing to som,ething like “aux1, aux2, aux3 ect.” or input1 ect.”

  2. depends on how its hooked up to your TV. try this to reset all the outputs to defaults so that it should show up on ANY tv.

    make sure the power is off, then hold down the power “button”.it will beep once when it turns on.keep holding.it will beep a 2nd time.

    let go. let me know what happens, it should work.

    this happens when you set it up to use HDMI output and then hook it up with regular cables or vice versa.

  3. yo i had a similar prob.

    i dropped it off at sum store/place, down my street, they fixed it for like 10 bucks. rather than paying 150 too sony. which with that much u could buy a psp lol. but yea u can also e-mail at:

    [email is not allowed]

    You can send it too:

    PS3, X360, Wii and more

    4 Ridge Street

    Montpelier, Vt


    o and 1 more thing, theyll clean it too, for an extra 3bucks.

    u should kinda do it soon, theyre biz is gettin bigger, so they prices r goin up soon. and they ship back overnight if that matters to you.

  4. If you just got it you can take it back to the store for a new one probably but otherwise you will most likely have to send it to sony.

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