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PS3 game scratches, cant get them out?


i had two ps3 games in my pocket, the shiny sides were faced together, when i took them out they had all of these little tiny scratches, they look like frayed string. i have tried everything, chap stick, peanut butter, toothpaste, NOTHING WILL WORK AND I MISS COD. Please help me!!

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  1. Peanut butter? Chap stick? If anything you could have damaged them more like that. Look here is one thing for future reference. Blu-Rays scratch a LOT easier than DVDs. Something to remember!

    Anyways what sometimes works, depending on the depth of the scratches is simple:

    Get a rag or shirt that is 100% cotton and a little water a rub in the scratched area gently until they lift.

  2. ok the 1st guys wrong Blu-Rays have a protective coating that makes them harder to scratch and DONT get the blu ray Disk wet this will wreack it more it says that on evey game box

    How to fix the Scratch

    At most gameing stores like blockbuster or gamestop/ Eb games they offer a service witch repares games it costs about $3.99 CAD it works and is a lot cheaper than buying a new game

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