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PS3 internet DNS error?


what causes this?
yeah i have wifi and the router is in the basement. sometimes when i go online with a game it turns off on me.

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  1. it is not a virus. As far as I know there aren’t any for the PS3. That is because it has Blu-Ray, the newest technology which is UN-HACKABLE. Try changing your DNS to;

    this is the standard DNS server for North America. I had this problem, and all though that didnt fix it I had to wait overnight and it fixed itself. Just try turning off your PS3 and waiting till tomorow and try again. Just encase you are having second thoughts about the PS3 remember/

    I would recommend the PS3. It plays Blu-Ray which is the newest generation of Video technology. Also the Xbox has more games now, but these games wear out the console. Game developers are realizing this and now are making most and almost all of their games for the PS3. Xbox’s developers purposely sent out non-working systems with hopes of nobody noticing. Within 1 year the Xbox360 will be forgotten and the Wii will be faltering behind. The PS3 has been exclaimed by game developers, and consumers as the most-favored gaming console and will dominate any and every gaming console. It also has free online gaming features.

    P.S. i have 20% wifi connection and my PS3 works very well online

  2. A DNS error is NOT a virus. It is a fault in your connection. I get a DNS error whenever the house phone rings. Something must be disrupting your connection but it can be many things

  3. Try the following.

    A) Turn your Router off, Then on again.

    B) Make sure you Router is connected properly.

    C) If it is wireless, That can cause problems.

  4. your PS3 cannot establish a connection on a network server. You either have a weak signal or no signal at all. you should have at least 90% signal strength. It happens when your PS3 is too far away from the router or somebody else is using the internet with a PC or laptop and the internet connection is dragging down.

  5. Listen yo. A DNS error is plain simple. No one here helps you with your problem. Its something wrong with your connection.

    Don’t worry all you have to do is reset your router. If you dont use a router than wait a couple of min(maybe 15-30) and then turn your PS3 back on.

    Nothing to be alarmed, just stay calm and submissive.

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