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Question about the PS3?


I’m thinking about getting one, though I want to know some specific things about it.

I’ve heard that you can put movies on it and store them in your ps3. Does this mean I can take videos that I’ve downloaded from Youtube or Veoh into an mpeg or avi format and play them back on the ps3?

What about music and photos? Can I put them there too? Is it compatible with Itunes?

Also, it says that you can use the internet with it. What kind of websites can you go to? Can you go to Veoh or Youtube? What else can you do?

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  1. ps3 roxxx. yes ps3 has media capabilities ,it can store videos,pictures etc and play them back. it also has a blue ray player. it is not compatible with i tunes but if you install an operating system on your ps3 like the linux, it is possible to do so. you can surf the internet and download updates too.on top of that,ps3 has the best games and all the games are going to be in stereoscopic 3d in 2010.also it’s 299$!

  2. With the PS3, you can surf the internet, watch movies (DVD or saved into your Hard drive), view pictures, and listen to music (ripped and/or from CD). You can also watch Youtube straight from the console via 3rd party software. It has a Blu-Ray DVD player, for full HD movies. With the internet browsing, I’m pretty sure you can go to any site you want.

    On top of that, the PS3 has some very good exclusive games. It also has the best graphics detail of the other competing home consoles. The one that really sells the system is that you don’t have to pay for an internet subscription like the Xbox 360.

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