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What can get you a console ban on Xbox 360?


My account got perm. banned for something I didn’t do but there isn’t anything I can do about it. Now, I’m wondering what it takes to get a console ban. Like, is it only if you mod or what. I kind of did something to help my account get unbanned for a few days but I’m kinda scared of getting a console ban. Anyone know what it takes to get one? Thanks.

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  1. Hacking your Xbox

    Modding your Xbox

    Playing Copied games on your Xbox

    Beginning reported and confirmed as a cheater in any Xbox game

    inappropriate communication or profile could also net you a temporary banning

    Using any external hardware to do any of the above

    But If you just don’t do whatever Microsoft said you did again it should not be and issue

    P>S> I would check the email address attached to your profile for specific details on what you did

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  3. Yeah the main thing that can get u banned is modding the xBox and playing copied games. As for a console ban, u know probably continuously breaking rules and such, but from what I understand u don’t cause those problems.

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