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which chip is better for the xbox 360 the FALCON or the JAPER chip?


i bought my xbox 360 the day it came out n i got red rings about a year ago but i got it fixed by Microsoft but i got them again so now im going to buy a new one and i want to know which one is better the xbox with the falcon or jasper chip

ps yes i already have a wii and ps3 n i dont like them i want my xbox 360 again

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  1. get a new xbox 360 arcade or if you can find them a pro and just add your hardrive on top. as for the first poster, its about time PS3 has some exclusives. just as the ps3 gets a good batch of exclusive the fanboys are rallying. all xboxes on the market have a “Jasper” chip in them, meaning no RROD.

  2. jasper of course, since it has smaller fabricated die which means it’ll less prone to overheating issue.

  3. so you’ve been screwed over by microsoft twice?

    why buy a 360 again, when you could buy a ps3 and know its not going to fail you?

    ps3 has better exclusives, controller, online, graphics, etc.

  4. The Jasper chipset is the newest, most advanced, and least likely to fail of ALL the current chipsets. The Falcon is now outdated, and the Jasper is easily better, don’t listen to those who say the Falcon is better.

    Here is how to spot a Jasper console – [url is not allowed].

    Hope my advice helped!

    *Did You Know? : A chipset is a group of integrated circuits/chips that are designed to work together, but are marketed as a single product.

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