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Xbox 360 componet video help?


I recently received a 13″ Samsung CRT TV and I found out that there are Componet video jacks on the back. I’ve tried hooking up the componet video cable to the coresponding jacks but I’m not getting any picture. There are two sets of regular A/V jacks and one set of Componet jacks, but there are only two video modes. A/V and DVD. Any suggestions?

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  1. The componet leads on your Xbox 360 will only work if your CRT is High Definition (HD). Otherwise you will have to use the single yellow lead from your Xbox 360 leads to the AV (not component) input of your TV. Remember to switch to SD (not HD) on the lead when not using component (which is HD only).

    The red/white audio cables work on both HD or SD modes.

    When using component, try not to get the reg and blue cables mixed up. I did as I couldn’t see properly from the back of the TV, when I switched them over I got the picture.

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